The Employers course is designed for managers, supervisors, foremen, lead persons, and other people in charge of overseeing other workers or the health and safety of workers. The Workers course is designed for workers who do not fill any kind of supervisory or lead role. Please select the course that applies to you.
NOTE: Users who complete these online courses will earn certificates of completion. Completion of this training, alone, does not constitute compliance with an employer’s legal obligations to comply with safety and health requirements under California law. The training courses are designed to be used as part of an employer's safety program and are not complete trainings on their own. For training to be effective, employers must train their workers on information and procedures specific to their own workplaces. To take a course, users must register by providing their name and email address. Any personal information provided by users will be used by this training environment solely to track course progress and award the certificate upon completion. You are encouraged to review the Department of Industrial Relations privacy policy.

Privacy Notice on Collection of Personal Information: The Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) requires users to register with our Cal/OSHA Training Academy in order for the training platform to operate correctly for the user. To register, users must enter a valid email address that will be collected by DIR. The department may share this information for general law enforcement or research purposes. California’s Information Practices Act (Civil Code Section 1798, et.seq.) governs the departments’ collection and use of individual’s personal information. The department’s privacy policy, including privacy officer contact information, is available at DIR Privacy Policy.

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